Bubble Birds

Puzzle shooter game for iOS that is similar to Angry Birds


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  • Category Puzzle
  • License Free
  • Version (Modern UI App) 1.0
  • Works under Windows 10 / Windows 8
  • Also available for Android 
  • Language English
  • Program by XIMAD INC

A puzzle game where you shoot colours at colours.

Bubble Birds is nothing new or exciting. It is a variation on a very well-worn and time-tested puzzle game where you have to match colours. As with many games of this ilk, it is very addictive, but its biggest selling point is that the gameplay is a little slower. Puzzle games like this one must have their own element or aspect that makes them a little different from all the others, and with Bubble Birds that element is the less frenetic gameplay.

What People Love About The Game

It is very addictive and overall is very entertaining. The game has bugs and still has a few problems, but if you overlook those, then the gameplay is smooth (albeit not crisp).

The game offers plenty of thrills and a lot of entertainment in the earlier stages when skill is not an issue. As time goes on and you rank further and further up the levels, you will start to become more frustrated. It requires more accuracy, but the game is not set up to allow for complete accuracy; it makes it difficult to set up your shot and release it in an accurate manner. Some say this adds to the challenge, and some think it is frustrating.

The Things People Complain About

The music can get annoying after a while, but is it really fair to make such a comment when so many people listen to the Angry Birds song without complaining.

The full-page adverts are simply unacceptable. They break up the gameplay and drink down the charge on your battery. They are a big waste of time and the worst thing about the game. The other adverts are annoying, but not as much as the full-page ads.

The board moves so that sometimes when you aim your shot it is pointless because things have moved around. Some people also feel that the birds go everywhere without any sort of uniform order.

Bubble Birds generates colours at random, which is good in one way because it means your strategy is not railroaded, but it is bad because the colours you desperately need may never come to your arsenal. It is a game of strategy that “relies” on luck (in part), and some people cannot handle a game that will force them to lose through no fault of their own.


  • Very Addictive
  • Cartoony characters and settings
  • Easy to switch shots
  • A slower gameplay alternative


  • Needs more levels
  • It has a slow gameplay mechanic that some people may not like
  • Becomes too difficult near the end
  • The adverts are very annoying
  • The full-page ads go too far
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